Tuesday, June 27th through Friday, June 30

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European History

Gerald Hurd

I have been a classroom teacher for 44 yrs. I presently teach in the Central Kitsap School District in Silverdale, Washington at Olympic High School. I teach U.S History, World History, and AP European History. For the past 19 yrs. I have been a reader for the AP European History College Board Exam. 13 of those years I have been a Table Leader and three years have been a selector, a group that meets before the reading begins to help set the standards for the grading of the DBQ and Free-Response essays at the reading. I was voted most outstanding Table Leader in 2002 at the AP Reading. I have done workshops in Salt Lake City, Utah, Denver, Colorado, Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona, Fresno, California and Bellevue, Washington, Monterey, California and San Gabriel, California. I had the opportunity to review and contribute to the “Preparing for the AP European History Exam” by Kaplan Publishing as well as aiding in the AP European history prep books/Flashcards for Barons. I am a College Board certified Consultant.

2017 Session Outline

Tuesday (June 27th)
  • Introductions
  • Purpose of the AP Course
  • AP Curriculum/Changes
  • AP Programs and Diversity
  • The AP Reading (What it’s like)
  • How the Exam is scored/Grading holistically
  • Methods on Improving Writing Skills (Variety of Approaches) with handouts
  • The DBQ/Training Packets and sample readings
  • Scoring the DBQ/Explanation of the DBQ Rubric
Wednesday (June 28th)
  • Continue with DBQ
  • Begin Short Essay information
  • Short essay Training Packets/Rubric for short essay
  • Follow up on improving writing skills/handouts
  • Point of View (POV) in Writing
  • Possible Work in the Computer Lab
Thursday (June 29th)
  • Multiple-choice questions strategies/test taking tips (handouts)
  • Approaches to effective assignments
  • How to use study groups.
  • Literature/Music and Video in the classroom *a variety of literature/visual material will be handed out
  • Other Visual/Historical movies…Scenes
  • Resources for AP teachers/Variety of Hand-outs and classroom strategies
Friday (June 30th)
  • Morning session…Long essay strategies/writing like a “Historian”
  • Question/Answer about AP Programs
  • Strategies on what to do after the test/classroom activities
  • Revisit DBQ/FRQ information/Develop an e-mail network/other evaluations
  • Overview of Weeks work
  • Evaluations